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Cygnet Leadership Solutions specializes in Project Management & Business Analysis Training in Iowa and throughout the United States. What makes them unique is their approach to bringing what you learn in a classroom setting into real life application. Through their Coaching and Immersion Program, participants will be responsible for “homework” after each workshop to ensure they are applying their newly learned skills back in the workplace. A coach with proven experience in the discipline will meet with each participant on a regular basis between workshops to guide and assist the participant in applying the new skills and supply supplemental information and reviews as necessary.

In addition to their Coaching and Immersion Program, they also offer Flight Plans to explicitly state how they will change their behaviors as a result of their workshop experience. This can be a private initiative or one shared with a manager, the choice is up to the participant. You can take your Flight Plan a step further by completing a Master Flight Plan, where management is an active part of the planning process, and is involved with seeing the Flight Plan is implemented.

If you are curious to learn more about Cygnet Leadership Solutions, check out their newly designed website at

Project Management & Business Analysis Training

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