Kavli Cattle Company

Bob and Marianne Kavli of Kavli Cattle Company are Registered Black Angus Seedstock Producers. Their home base of operations is located at our eastern Colorado ranch in Wray and extends to  our “Kavli West” ranch in Brush, Colorado. Currently they are preparing for their 11th Annual Bull and Heifer Sale which is being hosted by the Burlington  Livestock Exchange in Burlington, Colorado on Thursday, March 15th at 1:00 PM  Mtn.

They started raising Registered Black Angus cattle in February 2001, and they have since developed into what they believe to be an outstanding herd of genetically superior  animals. Over the past 11  years, they have applied very specific parameters to their operation for the continued growth and development of their herd. They carefully follow sound and successful breeding techniques. By utilizing outstanding genetics and proven cattle management practices, the results have been exceptional. These methods have resulted in operational growth and success as well as higher profit margins for their customers, which is their ultimate goal.

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