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Scan this with your smart phone, sign up, and get a FREE Roast Beef Classic!If you are not sure what a Quick Response code is, or QR code for short, it’s a great way to quickly get people to engage with your brand with a graphic you can place on print materials, from brochures, to business cards, to advertisements to show booth displays. With one little graphic, you can marry the world of print media and web, engage with your audience, and make it easy for them to get to your website or online advertising campaign.

I was having lunch at Arby’s the other day with my husband, and saw this on the table. What a great use of a QR code! Arby’s is slow at getting food done, we must have been waiting 10 minutes for our chicken sandwiches (but they were hot and FRESH!). And in that time, how easy would it be to just whip my phone out, scan the code, and I could be signing up with Arby’s Extras to receive a FREE Roast Beef classic while I wait. This does three things: 1. “Shortens” my waiting time for my food by giving me something to do. 2. Engages me with the Arby’s brand. 3. Gives me FREE FOOD! And coupons to follow.

You may be asking, where can advertise my brand? If you own a retail store, you could post QR codes throughout your store that people could scan to learn more about the products you sell. For example, if you were a clothing retailer that sold handmade scarves from a local knitter, you could have a QR code that when scanned it would direct to a website explaining their process and why people should buy their product. It might compel the shopper to make that purchase based on testimonials and facts found on the website right then and there. Better yet, you could have custom pages on your website that once someone scans the code, they could go to a page on your site to learn more information.

After you have pasted codes over everything you possibly can think of, using Google Analytics, you can track individual links and pages, to determine if your efforts were worth it. Just be sure that you generate the url you want to track before you implement your QR codes.

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