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Thank you so much-EDJE has done a fabulous job it has made a huge difference in the sales and marketing for the book! Anytime you need me to testify to that in your own PR materials, I am happy to give you a quote!

Heath Lee,

From the very start, the process was so amazing. No matter what I came up with, they made it look professional and captured the look we wanted. They took my ideas and text and created a beautiful site. What is more important is their continuing customer service. They excel in that area. Changes are done quickly and accurately.

Ginger & George Peak,

Shari & Michelle, You both have made something that I knew little about go smoothly and professionally while putting up with my questions and requests. We look forward to a long time relationship. I can't leave Kelly out..........he also was so helpful and patient with me.

C-Cross Cattle Co.,

I love it!!! Our old website needed updating so badly that it was almost embarrassing. Now, I am so excited to send people to it!!!!! GREAT JOB! Stephanie did a GREAT job and was a pleasure to work with!!! Thank you!

Leslie Roggio,

EDJE did a fabulous job with my author website! I have received national attention from a film company and numerous speaking engagements due to this work! Thank you!

Heath lee,

More professional and a lot lower stress than my previous experience. Very happy with the catalog. Keep up the good work.

Trevor Branvold,

Ed --- Just want to send an extra kudos out to this team who has just worked magic for me!!! Thank you and great job to everyone for working as a team and being so attentive! AWESOME WORK!


Again – thank you!!! – for all that you have done. I have shopped the “freshened up” site around to all my draft horse contacts and have received excellent feedback. I would also like to mention that I appreciate you removing the date stamps from the photos that carried them. One of my clients supplied her own pictures for the gallery and I don’t have the software, or know-how, to deal with those things. That’s why we hired the professionals! Until our next update, kind regards from,


Tiffany, looks good, I like that we have a routine to follow and it seems like you know what I want! :)

Stacie Mueller,

You guys are the best! Love working with you, great job.

Glenn, AmericanBritishWhiteParkAssociation

I may be a tough ol’guy in some ways, but I tell it like it is. Emily did a great job! I liked Emily's graphic work and her fresh ideas, but there is one giant thing about her that I admired the most . . . quitting time is when the job is done! I have had that work ethic my whole career and I don’t find many young people today that have that work ethic. Emily worked late hours and worked weekend hours.

Gordon Hodges,

What a year - unbelievable, and we thank you Alisha. You really do a good job, and I really think you care about us, the customer.

Gena Burch, knocked it out of the ballpark - great job! The site looks fantastic and you made our ideas look even better!!

Scott Moss,

Tiffany Nickelson has been a true joy to work with. Her friendliness and promptness is truly a gift. While working with her and Mike Smith on redesigning our website, we couldn't have been more pleased with their guidance, the time it took, and the finished project. Thank you so much!

Angie Spann,

Perks Ranch has been working with EDJE for more than 10 years! With the help of Jonina Searl, through the past several months we have been able to increase monthly traffic to our website by more than 400%. Without her prompt responses and creative ideas I doubt we would have reached those results.

Wade Perks,

Excellent work. Always responds right away to my emails and questions. Great Service!

Mike Lindeberg,

We have been very pleased with the beautiful and timely work by EDJE on our parish webpage! They are very responsive! We've been with EDJE for over 5 years and have only had excellent results!

Sacred Heart Catholic Church,

EDJE has been a great asset for the Kentucky Farm Bureau Beef Expo. They have created a user-friendly, eye appealing website, along with designing a great logo. They get our information updated quickly and are great to work with. We appreciate the effort put into our website!

Lashley Williams,

Tiffany Nickelson and Mike Smith at EDJE are amazing! Our family could not be happier with the help and design of our website for Funaro's Deli and Bakey. Highly recommend EDJE, very reasonably priced and worth every penny!

Alicia Funaro,

It looks GREAT! Thank you for all your efforts and helpful ideas along the way! It's been a pleasure working with you! I look forward to working with you more in the future!

Shane Blue,

We had a family come last weekend and buy 2 heifers & 1 bull – TOTALLY because they did an internet search for ‘Hereford Cattle for Sale in Iowa’ – found our website – looked up info on the site & then called and came over. The website can be TOTALLY credited for that sale!! Please know your work is very much appreciated!

Marilyn Lenth,

Bravo ... great job with Iowa Catholic Radio website. EDJE is #1 on my website recommend list!

Mike Peters,

Responsive Design