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Elizabeth Carrie Photographer

Elizabeth Carrie is a well known Des Moines area photographer who works in the Commercial, Wedding and Senior photo industries. Her work has been used for Skeffington’s Formal Wear, Stacey’s Bridal, RAW – Des Moines, and at Kansas City Fashion Week to name a few. To view a more complete list of her client base and to learn about the photographer herself, view her website here.

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Creek Bottom Show Pigs

Creek Bottom Show Pigs produces Hampshire crossbreeds near Oakland, Texas. Creek Bottom’s mission is raising pigs that are affordable for all their clients. Yet, their bloodline is one of great distinction. They pride themselves on pedigrees featuring some of the best sires in the states. Check out their new website here to see what all they have to offer.

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Crystal Clear Creations

Check out the new, responsive site for Crystal Clear Creations! Producing high quality videos for your next event is what Crystal Clear Creations is dedicated to. DVDs can be produced for numerous types of events such as product promotion, cattle and horse production sales, family events and much more. Katie Colyer, owner of Crystal Clear Creations, started producing videos for her family’s cattle operation in Idaho. Video DVDs were a great way to promote their cattle offering to a large demographic audience. Katie saw a need to help others present their event or product and Crystal Clear Creations was formed. …Read More >>

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Hoffman A.I. Breeders

Check out the new look for Hoffman A.I. Breeders! Hoffman A.I. Breeders has been serving the cattle industry for over 38 years. They are committed to providing the best possible Artificial Insemination products and professional service for both purebred and commercial cattle producers. This means high quality semen processing, safe & humane bull care, and prompt semen delivery to you or your customers. Given increased interest and new breed registry rule changes regarding the use of frozen semen, they would like to announce they are now providing stallion semen collection and freezing services! Check out the new site today!

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Felt Farms

Located at Wakefield, Nebraska, Felt Farms raise Simmentals and is home to BWL Hardcore, Grand Champion Purebred Simmental Bull at 2011 NWSS and breeder of Felt Next Big Thing, sire of Reserve Grand Champion Purebred Heifer at 2011 NWSS. Felt Farms has recently upgraded their website from one-page to a multi-page site.  Check out the new site today!

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Bloomfield Livestock Market

Bloomfield Livestock Market Bloomfield Livestock Market, Inc. is located in Bloomfield, Iowa. The Schooley family has owned and operated the barn since 1969, and are currently on the third generation. BLM provides a very competitive market to Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois. With a modern facility that was rebuilt in the fall of 2004, BLM can accommodate any feeder cattle needs you may have as well as production sales. If you are looking to sell or buy cattle, take comfort in knowing that the Schooley’s have 3 generations of cattlemen with over 75 years of experience. The Schooley’s take great pride …Read More >>

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River Bend Herefords

Nestled along the Flat Rock River is a 7th generation farm called River Bend. The family seeks to run an operation that provides life experiences and quality time, while promoting high quality Hereford cattle. Visit the River Bend Farms newly designed website at www.riverbendherefords.com to browse through the farm’s bulls, females and show ring success.

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White Rose Charolais

White Rose Charolais is located outside of Clearwater where the bluffs overlook the Mississippi and Clearwater rivers. White Rose is a small herd that focuses on providing quality using an extensive embryo transfer program. As a result, White Rose Charolais produce performance oriented cattle with a show ring flare. Visit the new website to browse through donors, and sale cattle at www.whiterosecharolais.com.

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JP Cattle Company

JP Cattle company is owned and operated by Ja-Lyn Farms and Pateman Ag. The families have partnered together in the past, but it wasn’t until the joint purchase of Sun Rise Simmentals’ cowherd that they decided to put a name to their partnership. The cattle company has a great selection of sires and dams. Visit the new website at www.jpcattle.com to take a look!

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Kentucky Simmental Association

The Kentucky Simmental Association seeks to support its members of the beef industry with their new website. Members can utilize the new website to buy and sell cattle and cattle equipment. The new website also features and events page with upcoming shows and sales. The Kentucky Simmental Association supports the Junior Simmental Association and offers a webpage that pertains directly to them as well. Check out the new site by visiting  www.kysimmental.com.

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