A LEGENDARY BULL in the Simmental Breed has passed.

As the sun came up on December 5th in Eastern Kansas, a legend was put down to rest. SS Goldmine L42 (ASA#2106737) 2/3/01 to 12/5/13. 12 years 10 months and 2 days young! After he had his favorite breakfast, 4 lbs of corn, 4 lbs of roughage pellets and 2 lbs of corn gluten. We took him out of his pen and walked him down the alley for the very last time. There was a lot of emotions and thoughts going thru my mind, but I just had to wonder what it was like to be him. I believe he had to feel like a legendary quarterback, like Montana or Elway, walking out of the locker room and walking down the tunnel, onto the field onto the field that made them legendary, for the last time. Just like the fans, the surrounding cattle all lined up by the alley to watch this legend make his final appearance, the crowd got anxious, the bulls started to bellar, then the cows started to mooo, and as God as my witness I swear he winked at the young replacement heifers as he strutted by like Joe Namath would have done to the crowds of single screaming girls, thinking to themselves ” if I was a few years younger, you girls would be in trouble, cause I still GOT IT”.

Goldmine’s final resting spot is only 75 yards away from the sale barn and office that he helped build, oh heck, the truth is he built the entire barn and then some. Many people wanted us to put his head on the wall, but we decided to give the good Lord back 100% of one of his finest Bovine creations! We all know about all the legacy of females he left behind, Show Heifers of the Year to mothers of the Champions, in the ring and most importantly the pasture. Although his DNA is frozen in a lab somewhere, I believe that God did just fine the first time, so you won’t have to worry about seeing semen sales on Goldmine Clone 15, 16 or 17.

This cattle industry is a business! No mistake about it! But its a business involving PEOPLE and ANIMALS. In this business there are the well known that impact the industry and the not so well known. Few people like us have the fortune to be around an animal that makes a huge impact on the industry like Goldmine has, and we feel blessed that we got to share the last 12 years as he as become a part of the family here at Sanders Ranch, LLC. (written by Darrin Barbour, manager Sanders Ranch, LLC, Louisburg, KS)

EDJE would like to send out condolences to the Simmental breed, Sanders Ranch, LLC and ABS Global.

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    Goldmine was one of the greats. We have some very productive daughters from him. He will be missed.

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