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REDESIGN :: Schrader Ranch

Check out the new look for Schrader Ranch!

Schrader Ranch is  located between the Flint Hills and the Smoky Hills on the western edge of tall  grass prairie in Central Kansas.  The operation relies on the forage grown  in its native pasture, as stock piled standing grass is used for winter  feed.  For the most part, hay is only used when there is excessive snow  cover.  Heifers are calved in small pastures close to the headquarters and  cows are calved in large pastures throughout the ranch.

Because of the reliance  on purchased feedstuffs, large calving areas, and minimal labor, our focus of  quiet, easy-keeping, convenience-trait cattle is not just talk, it is a  necessity.

The operation continues to increase the number of bulls and females sold every year.   Approximately, 70 SimAngus and Charolais bulls and 200-300 commercial calves  are sold annually off the ranch.

The only practice that  differs from this general ranch philosophy is their composite Charolais  matings.  A select few females are mated to certain “show bulls”.   Progeny from these matings are typically sold for youth projects and not  retained for seed stock production.


Check out their new look today!

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